Wakeboard Sizes


Size is extremely important. You don’t want to get a wakeboard that is too small or too big. You need to be able to control the wakeboard and not have the wakeboard to control you. We have provided a general size chart for wakeboards below. Note: wakeboard sizes are in centimeters and weight is in kilograms. If you have further sizing questions contact us

The chart below is intended for beginning riders.  As you progress, skill level, riding style, and board model will definitely play more into your decision.


Rider Weight (kg) Wakeboard Length (cm)












Throughout the years different wakeboard riders have been known to ride wakeboards that may seem too big or too small for them according to size charts. The reason is that a smaller or larger size can help distinguish a certain style of riding. Shawn Watson has been seen riding wakeboards that would seem to be too small while Parks Bonifay is known for riding larger wakeboards to suit his style of riding.

Sizing down will make the wakeboard feel lighter, spin faster and seem more aggressive. But your landings do suffer. There is not as much surface area to plane across the water so the wakeboard will not float as well. However, a smaller wakeboard is great for people who like to do a lot handle pass flips and spins. Sizing up from your established size lends to a slower, smoother style. A bigger wakeboard moves slower in the water making you look smoother and letting you spin slowly while holding on to those grabs. The increased surface area lets the wakeboard land softer, saving your body from bigger impacts.

Source: Excerpts from Wakeboarding Magazine, Feb 2003, Author- Kyle Schmidt

Some other things to consider when buying a wakeboard:

   * Height is not a factor
   * A beginner will find it easier to get up (out of the water) on a board that is longer because it has more surface area, but you want the proper size when you are riding.
   * For a family board, look in the 135-139 range, as it is the most common for all body sizes (unless you have someone over 100kg or under 40kg)