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What should you look for when choosing a rope and handle for wakeboard?

There are so many different materials used for grip, rope coating and wakeboard rope length. Does it all make a difference? 

Yes, these things can make a difference to your riding, however, if you are just starting out,

you might want to look for a mid-range handle and rope package that you won't grow out of too quickly. 

Shop online and purchase either a ready to got rope and handle package, or purchase them separately to create your perfect combination.


What is the difference between a water ski and a wakeboard rope?

Wakeboard ropes feature a wider and often thicker bar/ grip which suits a wakeboarder's body position and provides more comfort. While a waterski handle will generally have a shorter bar that is more streamlined, complementing the slalom skiing body position. Waterskiing handles will often have a rubber bar that will grip better with the skier's gloves, while wakeboards tend to be gloveless and prefer a softer suede or foam-style grip. 

What about rope length? Well, more advanced wakeboarders will ride at a longer length where the wake is wider and cleaner at their slower speeds, while slalom skiers aim to run a course with their progession requiring rope length to get shorter and shorter. Naturally, wakeboard ropes will have longer lengths. 

Wakeboard rope materials are designed to avoid stretch, maintaining a tighter connection to the boat. This helps the rider avoid a "slingshot" effect while in the air, pulling the rider off balance. This is why wakeboard ropes will be coated and are made with a tighter and finer rope weave.