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Looking for a bigger and cleaner boat wake? Adding additional water ballast with fat sack bags to your boat will allow you to tailor your wakeboard boats wake to suit you and your crew! 

Where should you place your blllast bags? 

  • Adding weight to the back of your boat will create a steeper wake shape providing a more vertical boost.
  • Adding ballast to the nose will start to round out the wake.

Generally, most riders only require a bag or two in the middle of the boat, once your riding has improved and you are looking for even more airtime, you might want to consider adding another bag to the back of the boat. If it struggles to get on the plane, chances are you'll want to distribute weight further up to the bow of your boat. 


Please be considerate of other boat users when loading weight into your boat. Including boats tied up to docks, movement around boat ramps. 

We also do not suggest using ballast with beginner wakeboarders. A larger wake is not going to assist their learning or progression, in fact, it often proves to have the opposite impact. We suggest beginner riders learn the correct fundamentals on a stock wake to help them quickly improve their skills and progress and increase fun on the water!