INFL8 Surfboards Arrive at Wing!





INFL8 is the brainchild of Joel Wing, a surfing father with two active children.

This beach-loving, surfing family is only too well aware of the struggles of a day at the beach... and of course family holidays!


If your car and beach bag is already full of snacks, sunscreen, beach toys and more, INFL8 is the answer. Stored in a convenient backpack, INFL8 surfboards inflate and deflate making them easy to pack into the car and store away at the end of the day. Also, there will be no hassles of damaging your equipment on a plane.

Perfect for beginner and intermediate surfers, while being responsive enough for advanced surfers to have fun on!

The INFL8 brand is produced and distributed by Wing Wetsuits - an Australian owned and operated company with 38 years of experience in the water sports industry.


What comes with an INFL8 Surfboard?

Each INFL8 Surfboard comes complete with:

- Surfboard

- High-pressure pump

- 3 x Fins

- Carry bag

- Repair kit


FCS Fins

Soft, safe FCS fins come standard with every surfboard. This gives the ability to change to any 2 tab FCS Fins on the market to make the board perform the way you want.

You could use smaller fins for kids, or stiffer fins will give experienced surfers more drive.


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