5 Jump Mantras to Repeat Over and Over and Over Again


 I Ride the Line into the air

From the wakes to the ramp your job is to try and maintain a steady line tension from the cut, to the ramp, and up into the air. The longer you can ride that line tension, and feel the pull from the boat into the air, the longer you will continue to climb and accelerate. Focus on holding your direction from the wakes into and through the top left corner of the ramp. You want to keep driving away from the boat right up into the sky. Then hang on for the ride.


I always Feel Rhythm

On every cut you set into, even the pullout to the 600 I like to feel the pull from the boat and focus on matching the rhythm of the boat with the intensity of my cut. As the Zero Off and jump switch engage, and give you pull and acceleration, it’s your job to match what is given to you to maximize your whip. If you start super hard and beat the boat from the beginning you take everything it has to offer you. If you take to much at the start, you won’t have anything left by the time you get to the ramp. It’s your job to finish your turn, wait for the boat and let it tell you how hard you need to cut. If you are early and on a low letter start super easy, and slowly build into your cut. If you are late and have lots of speed in your turn, you can move through the turn a bit quicker and be a little more aggressive.  The later you are, the harder the boat and Zero off are going to work, so it’s your job to match it.

I am Balanced

Be centered on your skis, and try to feel the water pressure on the balls of your feet. Feel the pressure on the same parts of your feet in your turn, glide, cut, wake crossings, after the wakes, on the ramp, and even in the air as you take off into flight. Staying balanced keeps you connected to your skis, the water, and the boat. Plus if we really lock into that balance point we are bound to accelerate closest to our potential, and also maximize our lift.


I Cut with Progression

Start light and tall, finish strong and small!  That’s the best way to put it! Do your best to stay tall into and out of your turn, and then from that point on you are building your cut, and getting lower and stronger all the way until you hit the ramp. If you can do that you will be perfectly progressive, and hold as much direction through the ramp as possible for your chosen cut. Then you should also maximize your lift as a result of lots of pull from the boat. Have fun, and enjoy the ride!


I Have Great Alignment

You always want to be stacked on your skis! Proper alignment in the glide and cut, consists of having your head and shoulders over your hips, and your hips over your feet. Simply put, at all times you want to be in good posture! It’s important to always have your skis, knees, hips, chest, shoulders, and head aiming, and pointing in the same direction. 


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