Wetsuit Repairs

Yes we repair wetsuits

In most cases wetsuits are repaired within one week of us receiving it.

You can drop your clean and dry wetsuit in at, or post it to:

33-35 Captain Cook Drive Caringbah, NSW, 2229

If you mail your suit to us, make sure you include your name, phone number, detail on what you would like repaired, and your return address. Upon receiving your wetsuit we will give you a call with a quote prior to any work being commenced. If you would like to proceed with your quote you can pay by credit card over the phone or Direct Deposit.

A basic guide on price is:

Minimum repair charge: $35

Replace zipper slider: $35

Replace zipper slider - sealed zipper: $50

Replace wetsuit zipper : $55

Remove legs/arms: $35

Replace worn knee area/ knee pad: $45 (each)

Replace collar: $40-50

Repair small tears, resew seams, restitch velcro, re-tape sealing tape at small areas: $35

Replace seat area: $50

These prices are a guide only - some of these tasks may become more labour intensive depending on the features or age of the wetsuit

Contact Us if you have any questions or would like further details